Chapters 1, 2, Afterword Responses

Ch. 1 Response


  1. “From my new purview, the buildings and general geography looked completely different to me, so much so that I could not tell exactly where I was on campus, much less identify the building or door I was supposed to find. I could not locate the bookstore or the health clinic or the international student office, all buildings I thought I knew. Moreover, I was being asked to find offices and buildings I wasn’t used to finding: the garage from which to get your rented refrigerator; the freshman advising office; the seminar room of the Hotel and Restaurant Management School. This was not my home turf”(11).


  1. This quote shows us how little the author actually knew about the university that she had been working at for 14 years. She has entered a completely new world of a student instead of a professor. It goes to show how much she had been surprised by something that had always been taken for granted. This is the tip of the iceberg of the many things about student life she would come to understand.


  1. This quote stuck out to me because it highlighted how little she knew about her environment. Something so trivial as getting around campus and knowing where certain buildings are, are aspects that I would assume almost all faculty to know, especially ones that have been teaching for such a long period of time. It provides a prime example of how she has entered a brand new world, one which was so close to her, yet so far away at the same time.



Ch. 2 Response


  1. “By listing and aggregating the activities named in students’ daily diaries, one could see that only about fifty types of activities – which included eating, socializing, napping, walking to class, going on-line, watching TV and videos, working out, studying or doing homework, listening to music, playing video games, and attending meetings – accounted for most of what students do in a given week”(35).


  1. This quote shows a great example of the author’s continual observance on her fellow students. It describes the ways in which students at a university carry out their days. She presents here the limited amount of activities that the typical students engage in throughout a week. These students list only a few activities due to the time commitments that they have and the repetitive schedules of activities that they engage in throughout the week.


  1. This quote stuck out to me because I can relate to it. I find myself doing only a very limited amount of activities throughout the day and I tend to follow a typical schedule throughout the week. This is because of the limited time that I have in-between commitments. Also, I find that there are not many activities to choose from at Santa Clara and I often feel that my schedule becomes very repetitive and boring.



Afterword Response


  1. “I felt much less comfortable using personal stories or narratives shared with me when the presumption was that I was a student. Although I took greater license with those whom I formally interviewed and from whom I had signed consent forms, even these interviews proceeded on the default assumption that I was a student. As a result, the text may have some unusual features for an ethnography”(166).


  1. This quote gave a great summary of her feelings toward this entire research process and her thoughts about the privacy part on her publications. She took many measures to do the entire process by rules, through getting permission from those mentioned and excluding private matters of students. She wanted to assure to the reader that everything presented was done in a very ethical matter and had no intention of harming any individual but merely for research and academic purposes.


  1. I chose this quote because it shows the author’s care for her fellow students during this time. She heavily respected their privacy and wished to write nothing negative about any of them. Some students had shared personal stories with her that would seem as a way of defiance had she published these experiences. Since these students eventually came to recognize her as one of their own, she did not wish to seem as a fraud who invades these students’ lives for her own gain.

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