Chapter 3 Afterword Response

Chapter 3 Response


  1. “And so Movie Night was instituted twice a month on Tuesday nights, and slips of paper appeared under our doors to announce the first movie. On the first Tuesday, two people showed, besides the RA. The second time nobody showed. The RA moved the night to Sunday. Still nobody showed. The program was canceled, leaving the RA wondering that she could do to “really involve” her corridor”(46).


  1. This quote highlights the theme of the chapter about failed attempts at building community. The university endorses community as one of the biggest aspects of their campus and it pumps a lot of money into numerous programs to reach out to the students, but the students simply do not want to get involved. Many students give ideas for activities but each and every time, these events are doomed to fail. This community, as Nathan points out, is extremely individualized and is far more focused on small friend groups than the overall larger community such as the dorms.


  1. This quote really stuck out to me because I can really relate to it. The fact that almost no one shows up to these planned activities made me laugh because this is exactly what goes on here, at Santa Clara. These activities are planned weekly throughout the dorms at an attempt to grow this community. A large amount of people come to these events toward the beginning of the year, but as the school year goes on, less and less people attend until finally these events are laughable. Once people find their friend groups, no one wants to attend these events as they would much rather be doing something else. These events sometimes seem like good ideas but no one will show up because they believe that so few people would also be there.

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