Chapter 4 Response


  1. “Americans seem to think they have the perfect place to live, the best country, the best city. I hear that all the time. I used to think you just got that from politicians, but now I see it’s from regular people too. The patriotism thing here really bothers me.”(87)


  1. This quote seems to take all of the aspects of the American students and offer an explanation for how they tend to act. Nathan highlighted in this chapter how the American students were generally unwilling to befriend the foreign exchange students. Americans were not very interested in other cultures and were not accepting of them either. The American students seemed to have an aura about them of how they thought so highly of themselves as evident by their general laziness and little motivation towards academics. The students were also very ignorant of the other cultures and seemed to constantly offend many of the foreigners.


  1. This quote stuck out to me because I agree with it. I think that this country stresses nationalism far too much as it tends to give its citizens false senses. People become too captivated with their own country that they tend to shut out the other cultures the world has to offer and Americans are now widely known for their ignorance. This trait is a problem and I think it should be improved.

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