BEAM secondary research

Background Sources

– College Students’ Usage of Personal Music Players (PMP) During Exercise.


– College Students’ Goal Orientations, Situational Motivation and Effort/Persistence in Physical Activity Classes

– Self-Regulated Learning and Perceived Health Among Students Participating in University Physical Activity Classes.

We plan to use these background sources to get a better idea of our subject before we collect/analyze our data.


Argument Sources

– Daily Satisfaction With Life Is Regulated by Both Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior

– Changes in Eating and PhysicalActivity Behaviors Across Seven Semesters of College: Living On or Off Campus Matters.

We will use these sources to help form our own argument and conclusion about our research


Method Sources

– Exploring PhysicalActivity by Ethnicity and Gender in CollegeStudents Using Social Cognitive Theory

– Gender Differences in College Leisure Time Physical Activity: Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior and Integrated Behavioral Model

– A Daily Process Analysis of Intentions and Physical Activity in College Students

We will try to incorporate these methods of research into our own data collection.



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