Laura: Living and Studying in the Dorms

1) Her dorm is not quite a study environment as it is a resource for finding information from other students. She says the dorm is always pretty loud with people talking and laughing. However, she really likes it due to all of the people living around her that she has access to. She is able to find out who had the same class as her so she is able to ask questions about past and current assignments, as well as finding out information about classes as a whole.

2) Nathan talks much more about the social aspects of the dorm and the party features that go along with it. Nathan does not mention studying or academic work done in the dorms. Rather, she talks about drama, customization of dorm rooms, alcohol and drug related stories, etcetera. However, Laura talks exclusively about studying in the dorms and how she uses her fellow dorm mates as  resources.

3) Dr. Voss does not seem to ask set questions. The interview seems to be more of a conversation as an informal interview.


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